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Easy Implementation and Maintenance



We provide two kinds of services, custom software development, and cloud computing.



To ensure that our customers' success with us we arrange the support for them. These are helpdesk, warranty and maintenance. We provice excellent support to all.



We delivered our software to many clients. They continue using our software package, stay with us until now.



MIDAS is the application that facilitates customers to efficiently manage the business operation. MIDAS is operated on a cloud system. Our customers can run on the IE web browser, version 11 up or Chrome and Firefox for all versions. There is no investment about computer servers to run the application. The installation steps are very easy. With a short training class with us, all the customers can use our application right away.

These are applications under MIDAS family. The customers can pick what they want to use.

•    MIDAS-TMK (Insurance Telemarketing System)
•    MIDAS-CRM (Insurance Customer Relationship Management System)
•    MIDAS-Collection  (Collection Management System)
•    MIDAS-AMS (Insurance Agency Management Online System)
•    MIDAS-INSURE (Core Insurance Management System)
•    MIDAS-FM (Freight Forwarder Management System)
•    MIDAS-TMS (Trucking Management System)
•    MIDAS-DMS (Document Management System)
•    MIDAS-BUDGET (Budgeting Management System)
•    MIDAS-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

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